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Just not overly impressed with this book, but I think that my daughter would enjoy it so I would probably recommend it for 7-10 year oldsI hope he doesn't drag it out too long and try to make it into a very long seriesBecause this book really was thatGeez, GrimmExcellent premise, well-planned character development, good writingHis ending was great though, but it wasn't enough to grab me to read another one of these books, but I powered through and read the last oneDaphne is awesome, and Sabrina does get a little better after Daphne rolled her eyes

Okay, what story will be nextThe adventure sort of became too mainstream because they just keep being in the boo of EverAfter all the time but I looked at the positive side and saw that its one last fun journey before the end.One of the reading strategies that helped me were visualizing because some moments that would have been too shocking would have been better If I have seen it myself visuallyJust do itREMOVE FROM WISHLIST Are you sure you would like to remove these items from your wishlist? Remove From Wishlist Cancel But otherwise, if you can live with it, this book is a great one.Unlike the other Sisters Grimm series books, you really have to know each book's plot by heart in order to understand this oneCandache More than 1 year ago Although I think MrJI cannot wait for the 9th book to come out! Thank you MrJBut that one chunk of her is missingI like autobiographys so I thought I would'nt enjoy theseThe light and sound and color formed into a single being with eyes like a bottomless pit and a smile that chilled her bonesBut they better get back together in the next book(since the series is ending) or I will be one angry fangirl.Alyssa (hide spoiler)] .more flag 1 likeLike see review PuckSort Title Release date Popularity Filter Subjects Juvenile Fiction 37 Mystery 22 Fantasy 21 Juvenile Literature 11 Humor (Fiction) 11 Young Adult Fiction 5 Nonfiction 5 Young Adult Nonfiction 4 Study Aids & Workbooks 4 Mathematics 4 Nature 3 Travel 2 Politics 2 Horror 2 Young Adult Literature 1 Travel Literature 1 Science Fiction & Fantasy 1 Romance 1 History 1 Fiction 1 Publisher Amulet Books 14 Recorded Books, LLC 10 ABRAMS 7 Saddleback Educational Publishing 4 Recorded Books 4 Michael Buckley 3 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 3 StMay 21, 2010 Julie rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy, childrens I started reading this series and now I'm so far into it, that I'm stuck until it endsThe Big Bad is finally revealed, and while this reveal is impressive at first, I was progressively less impressed and more annoyed by the Master's plan, motivations, minionsDec 20, 2012 Anis rated it it was amazing Moving on, The 8th Book is so speechless of words to say how amazing it is! I keep saying these words because it really was soo fun to read themMy only hope is that Michael Buckley will not drag this series out to a point where people just get sick to the teeth of it and quitGanser Narrator (2008) The Inside Story The Sisters Grimm Series Book 8 Michael Buckley Author L f5410380f0
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